Additional On-line Courses

If you are in the Course of Study for Ministerial Preparation and want to supplement your course work with on-line courses, look first to see if the title and course description might match one of the courses below. If you have found an on-line class that you believe might be accepted as one of the following classes, contact Pastor Joshua Jorgensen, jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Provide him with the course title, description and syllabus, if you can access one. He will determine if this class will qualify as a substitute for one of the following courses:

Administering the Local Church

Exploring Christian Ministry

Leading the People of God


Becoming a Holy People


Exploring John Wesley's Theology

Living Ethical Lives


Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally

Exploring Nazarene History & Polity

Preaching the Story of God

Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralist World

Interpreting Scripture


Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation

Communicating with Spoken and Written Language

Investigating Christian Theology 1

Providing Christian Education for all Ages

Declaring the Gospel of God

Investigating Christian Theology 2

Shepherding God's People

Examining Our Christian Heritage 1

Exploring Nazarene History & Polity

Supervised Ministry Experience

Examining Our Christian Heritage 2

Interpreting Scripture


Telling the New Testament Story of God

On-line courses can be found at the following institutions:

Point Loma Nazarene University

Nazarene Bible College 

Northwest Nazarene University