In “Resources”, we want to highlight materials that will equip pastors, leaders and laity for a stronger personal spiritual walk and to increase understanding and add tools which will help you to share the Good News with others. Materials will range from websites to books, from sermon series to discipleship tools and more.




      101 Ways to Reach Your Community


As our vision, to Encounter, Engage, Equip and Encourage to make Christ-like Disciples in the Nations, is becoming contagious in churches across the district, we are hearing the outcry, "We want to minister to those beyond our church walls! Can you help us with ideas?" Steve Sjogren offers 101 Ways To Reach Your Community, which literally includes 101 effective ways your church or small group can demonstrate the love of God to your community. These methods of service have helped his church from grow from 37 to 6,000 in their desire to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their world.

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                                                The Christian Atheist  

christian aethiest cover 

The Christian Atheist, by recovering Christian Atheist Craig Groeschel, is an honest, hard-hitting and eye-opening look into the ways people believe in God but live as if he doesn't exist. From his own lapses in faith as a young man to the painful self-admission he had to make as an established pastor, Groeschel's own journey will immerse you and challenge you into a deeper, Christ-filled life.

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                                             Just Walk Across the Room

“Walk Across the Room” is a more than a message series for pastors. Here is what one of our pastors thought about the materials and it’s message.

What if a simple walk across a room could change the face of eternity for someone? In January, our church participated in a church-wide emphasis based on the book, "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybels. In his book, Hybels calls us all to a very relational approach to evangelism. This church wide campaign lasted six weeks and included Hybels' book, a DVD-based small group discussion, and a sermon series with plenty of material to draw from that coincides with the book. Information on this series can be found through or
-Submitted by Daren Pitcher- 

Here’s a book that tells how one pastor accomplished what we’re all looking for.   Here is a link to see this material on Amazon.


                                                       Sticky Church


Our own Pastor Daren Pitcher of Ridgecrest, Church of the Nazarene in Bakersfield tells us that the book, Sticky Church,  Larry Osborne shares that his church began to grow when they quit asking, "How can we be the kind of church that everyone wants to visit?" and began asking, "How can we be the kind of church that no one wants to leave?" This is the essence of being a "Sticky Church" and in this book Osborne shares some very practical helps for developing a healthy, productive, and well-attended small group ministry.

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