Protect Your Ministry

Here on the Central California District, our desire is to share the love of God with others through ministry. This requires sharing the love of Christ, and in doing so, developing venues of trust and safety. Unfortunately, there are those among us with other motives. Their view of love has been twisted to where, even though they look and act like any other upstanding church members with perhaps a spouse and children of their own, they would take advantage of our children, youth and vulnerable adults.

God does not desire for us to live in paranoia, but rather in wisdom. This is why background checks are essential for anyone ministering to children, youth or vulnerable adults.

Ministry leaders, here is a way you can provide a safe place in your ministries:

1. As a ministry leader, tell a ministry candidate, volunteer or paid, to complete a background check by clicking here:

    This will take them to the questions they need to answer for "Protect My Ministry".

2. Contact Anita at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   When you, the ministry leader, send Anita the list of names which you are authorizing and who have completed background check information at the above web address, the process will begin.

3. Once backgrounds are completed the district will mail you a statement with the total cost which will be $10.00 per background.

4. Anita will contact you (the ministry leader requesting the background check) when the process is complete, usually within 2 business days.

5. These reports are completely confidential. A copy of the report will not be given out to even the ministry leader unless a signed release form from the volunteer authorizing the disclosure of the information is sent to the district office. This is usually unnecessary, as Anita will contact the ministry leader upon receiving the report clearing the individual for ministry.

For further information about ministry safety, go to  Let's keep those entrusted to us in ministry in the center of His care!