God's Story in Our Livesalt


Jason & Amy Wilson were at the Merced Bear Creek Community Church a short time when they decided to use their backgrounds in Children’s Ministry to help their church to reach out to young families in the community. Finding no mid-week activity for the children, Bear Creek began KIDNECTION,

praying this would increase the number of children who would come to their summer Vacation Bible School ministry in the summer. They were right. The number of children multiplied.

Bear Creek had never had VBS before. Jason and Amy and were concerned that there may not be enough volunteers to pull it off. As they prayed and invited church members to volunteer, they were amazed. So many volunteers showed up that they had to come up with additional opportunities to serve. They found a place for each to serve and provided training where it was needed.

BCCC wanted VBS to be an opportunity for the children to serve in their community by giving back-to-school supplies to the neighboring school. In the midst of this planning, it became clear that many of these children who were about to minster to the school, were, themselves, in need. Most were coming to VBS hungry, not having eaten dinner. When the church realized these kids were hungry, they put out the word, God moved, and dinner was provided for every child who came. After VBS, when the kids were asked, “Where did you see God?” many replied, “in the food you give us here.”

In addition to food, BCCC adopted a local school across the street, providing school supplies to the needy children there. It soon became evident that the kids who were helping them provide these school supplies did not have what they needed to succeed in school, so these kids were able to earn the backpacks and other school supply items themselves by participation in VBS and through acts of kindness.

When the Sunday morning after VBS came, they were all be invited to lead worship for their families and receive their backpacks.

Pastor Jason told me, “It’s a process of figuring out how to bless the kids and proclaim the gospel, partnering with these families. We will never look at VBS in the same way again!”

He had more exciting news. A young man, previously in their ministry, is studying for the ministry through our Nazarene Theological Seminary. He interned at BCCC last summer, and in the 10 weeks he was at BCCC, he brought seven teens who just graduated from the local High School to church. All seven were sent to camp by the church, all accepted Christ and were baptized. Every one of these seven teens served by helping in VBS. This has added to the enthusiasm and vitality of their entire church, and, Jason passionately proclaimed, “God is getting all the glory!”

In their first seven months at BCCC, 21 people were baptized. God is moving in and through BCCC, and all credit is being directed right back to God.