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Welcome to the Central California District Website

We want to welcome you to the website of the Central California District Church of the Nazarene. We believe that God has great things in mind to accomplish in our world through the partnership that he has called us into. It is our great desire for all those who enter our little cyber-world here to assist you to increase in your ability to...

Encounter God in a life-changing relationship,

Engage your world for Christ,

Equip yourselves and others for service,

Encourage one another for focus and faithfulness.

Enjoy your trip around the Central Cal District. We're glad you came to visit us.

God's Story in Our Livesalt


Jason & Amy Wilson were at the Merced Bear Creek Community Church a short time when they decided to use their backgrounds in Children’s Ministry to help their church to reach out to young families in the community. Finding no mid-week activity for the children, Bear Creek began KIDNECTION,

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District Family Camp
June 30th -July 5th




Modular Classes for 2015

April 11 May 16 & June 13
July 18 August 8 & Sept. 12
Oct. 10 Nov. 14 & Dec. 12

   2015 Calendar


May 22-25, 2015

More to come..

 53rd District Assembly
April 23-24, 2015
NMI Convention
April 25, 2015